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About EECC

Energy, Environment and Climate Change

Pune International Centre (PIC) is an independent think-tank working in the domain of policy research and policy advocacy for over a decade. It is led by Dr Raghunath Mashelkar, President PIC, Dr Vijay Kelkar as Vice-President PIC and Prof. Amitav Mallik, founding trustee and head of Energy, Environment and Climate Change (EECC), among others. The EECC vertical under PIC works in the domain of policy research & advisory to the government on sustainable climate-oriented social and economic actions and influences rapid climate action at city, state and national level.

Our Team

Prof. Amitav Mallik

Head of EECC, Trustee PIC

A former defense scientist at DRDO and member of the National Security Council.
A pioneer in bringing environmental protection as a matter of National Security. He started the Energy, Environment and Climate Change program and is one of the founding members of PIC. A Padmashri Awardee in 2002 - The man with the vision for the PMR NCN Project, Youth Manifesto, Policy Papers and he’s also the convener of the Climate Collective Pune group.

Dr. Gurudas Nulkar


An optimist and alternative economist, you will find me rambling in nature, especially when my boss is not around.
Professor & Director, Centre for Sustainable Development; Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics. He's advisor to EECC on projetcs such as Making PMR Net Carbon Neutral, Youth Manifesto and Policy Papers.

Siddharth Bhagwat

Project Leader, EECC

Coffee lover with lots of renewable energy and an avid YouTuber!
Siddharth specialises in Environmental Science and completed his Master’s in Circular Economy from Germany, with brief working stints in Germany and Africa on projects related to renewable energies and sustainable agriculture. At PIC he leads the Project on Making PMR Net Carbon Neutral, contributes to the Youth Manifesto and policy research & advisory.

Prithviraj Lingayat

Research Assistant

Fighting climate change like it's the bar exam, but with less caffeine and more hope.
Prithviraj is pursuing LLB from ILS Law college and also works with Jnana Prabodhini’s Youth wing. He’s a Research Assistant at PIC, lead author of the Youth Manifesto, writes policy papers, manages and presents at our climate conferences and contributes to research on the PMR NCN project, etc.

Shalvi Pawar

Project Associate

Environmentalist with a tinge of art and poetry.
Shalvi has a background in Sustainability & Management studies and is an alumnus of the Ecological Society, Pune. She is working on 'Making PMR Net Carbon Neutral' Project, contributes to the Youth Manifesto and policy paper research.

Preeti Ahluwalia

Research Assistant

The giggling climate policy enthusiast.
Preeti did her BA in Psychology and is now exploring the climate policy space. She’s currently working as a Research Assistant mainly on writing policy papers, policy advocacy, stakeholder interaction and awareness. She’s also working on co-ordinating Youth Manifesto activities.

Shantanu Ayachit

Research Associate

Music man with a climate action plan.
He has completed MSc. Environment, Climate Change, and Sustainability Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. He is currently working as a Research Associate on the EECC’s annual climate conference, policy paper and the Youth Manifesto.

Sumedha Bhirde

Research Assistant

The one of a kind environment enthusiast who is also a movie buff.
Masters in Envirnmental Sciences from Mumbai University. Research assistant, predominantly working for EECC climate conference, policy research and Youth Manifesto.

Samiksha Dixit


Ardent and Chucklesome policy researcher!
She’s a Bachelors in Economics from Fergusson College and plans to pursue further studies abroad. She’s a Research Intern at EECC, mainly working on the Climate Conference and contributes to Youth Manifesto and Policy Research.

Jayesh Deshmukh


Engineering climate action!
He completed BE in Mechanical Engineering - supply chain logistics but decided to pursue the Environmental sciences field out of passion. He’s currently working with us as an intern on our public outreach and contributes to policy research.