Youth Manifesto for Climate Action

  • Global Warming induced climate change is the most imminent existential threat to all humanity but especially the youth. Therefore, youth all around the world are calling for action on this issue but the Indian youth are particularly more vulnerable due to the visible signs of climate change in the form of untimely rainfall, frequent floods, extreme heat waves, increasing cyclones and melting of the himalayas. Climate change is bigger than elections or politics just like national security or business priorities. Our politicians remain inactive about this issue and many people, especially the youth find this reality very unsettling.
  • To express the demands of the youth, PIC in collaboration with CCP created ‘India’s youth manifesto for a climate secure future’. This manifesto is important, as just scientific evidence and research cannot make a difference in creating a citizens’ movement on a massive scale for demanding climate action and is essential in creating a democratic discourse. We must urgently politicised the issue of climate change and for that, popularising the Manifesto as a demand from the youth is extremely crucial.
  • We invite you to be a part of this movement and contribute through: Engaging your social sphere, such as students, employees, or peers to participate in this event in large numbers.
  • Spread the urgency of Climate Action as citizens’ political priority. Join the mass movement YouCAN (Youth Climate Action Network) for demanding Climate Action from Political and government leadership.

Download Youth Manifesto for Climate Action

The Youth Manifesto aims to politicise the issue of Climate Action in India and has listed out crucial demands that need to be acted upon at a political level.

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